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For Anna


Action / Drama

One man. Two different personalities. Both willing to die to save her.

For Anna is the story of the split personality stricken Stavros, a very skillful ex bodyguard and right hand man of one of Chicago’s biggest crime bosses, and his struggle to find his beloved fiancée who is being held by his boss’s men.

Note from the Writer/Director:

The action sequences will combine realism with spectacular moments, both in hand to hand combat and gun battles. Strong relationships between the multi layered characters prove that human nature is a labyrinth, as their choices and actions keep surprising the audience.

The true innovation is that the whole film will be shot in one continuous take, bringing the emotions, the adrenaline, the character’s journey and each moment of the film one step closer to reality. This is the first action film to be shot as a longtake.

Law of the Outlaws



  Bow to no one…

crime/prison drama


The true story of Polidoras Sopasis, a young man who grew up under meager circumstances in the rugged mountains of Crete. His desire for a better life leads him to New York and subsequently into the graces of one of the biggest Mafia families. There, he experiences the easy life and all its comforts. But when one of his partners betrays him, suddenly he finds himself arrested and imprisoned. He is only 20 years old. After much self reflection he comes to realize that his only wish is to return home to his family. But will the tough, moral and proud Polidoras, who can never back down to anyone, be able to overcome the constant challenges of inmates and guards of the brutal US prisons in the 70’s and find his way home?






Conceptual Montage : 



Homeric has original footage of Polidoros Sopasis talking to the camera about his book and the wish to see it made into a film.

Hero’s Path

Hero’s Path

Classical, adventure/drama

Glory is achieved through great sacrifice.

Based on tales of Ancient Greek Mythology, Hero’s Path tells the story of a fame driven hero who begins a journey to gain immortality by fulfilling his destiny as a King; But Love and Hubris misdirect his path only to make him realize the real sacrifices he must make to fulfill his purpose.

Conceptual Montage:




The Dark Days

Classical, Horror

Before the hero became a legend

 After the Goddess Hera drives the powerful hero into murdering his own family, he begins a journey to reach the temple of Delphi in search of redemption. Overpowered by his own demons and the obstacles his eternal enemy, Hera, throws on his way, the road to Delphi will be one of the worst challenges he will ever face.




Conceptual Montage

Music composed as a conceptual theme for “HERACLES The Dark Days” by Georgios Soumelidis: