Hunting My Blood


Action / Drama 17 min

The story revolves around a highly moral detective’s attempt to rescue his seven year old daughter. We follow his mission, as he overcomes numerous obstacles, literal and metaphorical, and gets closer to the ultimate challenge, of being faced with the kidnapper, who is none other than his twin brother, one of the top crime figures in the underworld.

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Behind the scenes:


A Homeric Pictures Production

Written & Directed by Konstantinos Mousoulis

Produced by Marina Dimitra Yele

Director of Photography Akis Konstantakopoulos

Production Manager Gema Interiano

Production Design by Karl Nickoley

Edited by Matt Wixted

Music Composed by Georgios Soumelidis


Adonis Kapsalis, Mykayla Sohn, Michael Chomiak, David Alan Graf, Derick Neikirk, Louise Rheas, Shaun Gerardo.


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