What We Do

With respect to the difficulty of being an actor, in the world’s most competitive location, HOMERIC PICTURES helps the starting actor build his profile/demo reel and provides the working actor with an opportunity to attempt something different while challenging himself to the maximum of his/her abilities.

Are You New To The Business?

Build your promotional package! At least two scenes with different characters each, along with an edited demo reel, to help you “get your foot in the door”. Agents, managers, producers, directors, all expect to see something impressive that would allow them to choose you over someone else.

Are You Not Satisfied With The Material You Already Have?

Plenty of times, student films and low budget projects lack the artistic integrity one might have anticipated; Visually unsatisfying and not properly showcasting the actor’s best skills. Have one or more scenes written for you, specifically tailored to your needs and strongest talents.

Are You a Working Actor Who Wants to Push Him/Herself to The Limits?

Even a small part on a TV show or film, might not showcase the best of your abilities. We will create and write a character for you, as a platform to experiment with and enjoy the opportunity to challenge yourself and push your skills to the limit.

Be a Part Of a Short Film

Allow us to help you build your IMDB credit by creating a short film around you. Since making a film is an expensive passion, get your friends on board; actors whose acting skills you respect and then all together fund and be a part of a project. This will be submitted to festivals and therefore add material to your reel and get your IMDB credit. (Go to  Short Films for more info)

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